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The IHSAA Football Hot List — Class of ’24 Catching Fire In Hoosierland

By: SCOTT BURNSTEIN, January 22, 2023, 10:04 pm

The hottest football recruits in the IHSAA right now in the Class of ’24:






NiTareon Tuggle (Northwood 6-3, 185 WR) — Scorching into the New Year, Tuggle, a surehanded speedster of a split end, has grabbed offers from Illinois, Purdue, Penn State, Michigan State and Vanderbilt in the lasy two weeks

Jo’Ziah Edmond (Northwood 6-2, 180 WR) — Perfectly built game for a Big 12 or SEC program, hence the offers from Baylor and Ole Miss

Ajani Adedamola (Speedway 6-5, 275 OL) — A straight terror in the trenches, relentless motor and excellent footwork, IU offered at Christmas

Donovan Hamilton (Hamilton Southeastern 6-4, 190 WR) — Expect his recruiting to continue to surge as recruiters are just getting hip to this flawless route runner with size, soft mitts and reliability on third down

Khobie Martin (Fishers 6-0, 200 RB) — Workhorse of a runner with a high football IQ and a chip on his shoulder every touch

Josh Ringer (East Central 6-2, 190 WR/S) — Can do so much and make it look so easy, this kid is a playmaker wherever you line him up

Matt Hofer (Valparaiso 6-5, 275 OL) — One of the most technically sound linemen in Hoosierland, scrappy competitor, natural leader in the locker room