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The Mighty & Powerful – CHSL Boys BBall Dec. ’22 Power Index

By: SCOTT BURNSTEIN, December 16, 2022, 12:15 pm

Catholic League Central — 2022-2023 December Boys Hoopster Power Rankings



1 Trey McKenney (St. Mary’s Soph. G/F) — The MHSAA’s LeBron James, enough said!!

2 Curtis Williams (Brother Rice Sr. G/F) — Signed with Louisville, Williams has a picture-perfect jumper and the defensive capability of an in-his-prime Bruce Bowen

3 Sonny Wilson (U-D Jesuit Sr. G) — Signed with Toledo, Wilson is the definition of a game changer out of the backcourt and simply primetime personified in everything he does with a basketball in his hands

4 Mike Sulaka (De La Salle Sr. C) — Signed with Western Michigan, Sulaka epitomizes work ethic, efficiency, fundamentals and a fearless spirit to compete at the highest level

5 Xavier Thomas (Brother Rice Sr. F) — Signed with Toledo, Thomas is a prep version of Draymond Green

6 John Blackwell (Brother Rice Sr. G) — Signed with Wisconsin, Blackwell has NBA upside

7 Nino Smith (De La Salle Sr. G) — Signed with Lake Superior State, Smith is the CHSL’s Mr. Big Shot and the quintessential winner at the floor general spot

8 Uche Amene (Catholic Central Jr. G) — The hype is real!!

9 Sharod Barnes (St. Mary’s Soph. G) — The future of the CHSL Central in the backcourt is now the present

10 T.J. Nadeau (Catholic Central Jr. G) — Nasty as he wants to be, might end up being the league’s MIP