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The Springtime Five Spot – Where Five Power Packed C-Town Pigskinners Are Leaning For College

By: SCOTT BURNSTEIN, May 11, 2022, 11:22 am

Five Cleveland Area Junior Football Standouts Who Should Be Committing Soon:



Arvelle Reese (Glenville 6-4, 220 LB) — Beast mode 24/7, freakish range and tackling ability sideline-to-sideline

Most Likely Landing Spot: Ohio State

Mike Kilbane (St. Edward 6-4, 250 DE) — Nails tough pass rush prospect, ironclad work ethic, plays with a chip on his shoulder

Most Likely Landing Spot: Northwestern

Dominic Rivera (Olmsted Falls 6-7, 310 OL) — NFL upside, phenomenal footwork and agility for his size, a total boss in the trenches

Most Likely Landing Spot: Rutgers

William Robinson (St. Ignatius 6-5, 255 DL) — As technically sound as you can found at the point of attack in C-Town, spunky, strong and smart as a whip

Most Likely Landing Spot: Army or Air Force

Joel Kpassou (Solon 5-10, 175 SB) — Slippery, speedy and set on “churn and burn” level at all times

Most Likely Landing Spot: Ball State