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Unveiling the STATE CHAMPS! 300, giving you the names you need to know across Michigan HS football for the 2020 season

By: MATTHEW B. MOWERY, June 4, 2020, 4:30 pm

Over the next few days, we’ll be unveiling an extensive listing of high school football players, our STATE CHAMPS! 300, featuring 300 players from the state’s gridiron whose names you should know.

With that many names, it was incumbent on us to break it up into manageable parts. 

The SC! 300 comes in a dozen segments, but the whole is meant to shine a spotlight not only on the top recruits — who become household names early in their careers — but also the lesser-known guys, the ones that might not end up at a Power 5 school, but the ones that wind up making up the core of the rosters at places like Ferris St., Grand Valley, Wayne St., Northwood, Davenport, Lawrence Tech, as well as the Division III squads in the MIAA.

Here’s how we divided it up:


First, there are the top 130 recruits in the state, ranked in order, along with their offers (and top schools, where applicable) or commitments. This was posted Thursday evening. [CLICK HERE]


Next there is a seven-part series, highlighting 100 additional 2021 players you need to know, kids who’ve either already made their mark on the high school landscape, or are about to. No other class has had been as impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is a way of trying to help shine a light on those kids. It’s not necessarily meant to be comprehensive — that would be hard to touch on EVERY kid in the 2021 class — but we tried to get to as many as possible. Nor is it possible to get every offer — the landscape is constantly changing — but we are more than willing to add an offer, if we missed one. (We’ll limit it to actual scholarship offers, though, not just roster spots.) These are in alphabetical order, not ranked. 

The posts will be by position group:

• 15 more 2021 quarterbacks to know [CLICK HERE]

• 10 more 2021 wide receivers to know [CLICK HERE]

• 20 more 2021 running backs to know [CLICK HERE]

• 15 more 2021 offensive linemen to know [CLICK HERE]

• 10 more 2021 defensive linemen to know [CLICK HERE]

• 15 more 2021 linebackers to know [CLICK HERE]

• 15 more 2021 defensive backs to know [CLICK HERE]


There will be another trifecta of lists, touching on the kids who will be juniors (35 to know), sophomores (15 to know) and freshmen (eight to know) in the fall. [noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m. Monday]

• 35 more 2022 players to know [CLICK HERE]

• 15 more 2023 players to know [CLICK HERE]

• Eight 2024 players to know [CLICK HERE]


Finally, we’ll look at the specialists, giving you a dozen kickers and punters you should know about. [CLICK HERE]


Keep this page bookmarked for future reference, as we’ll add the links to each of the separate lists, as they’re posted. This will be your table of contents for the whole project.