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WL Western’s Warriors for Warriors pink out game ready to take place on Friday

By: Jeff Dullack, September 25, 2014, 8:00 pm

Walled Lake – When Walled Lake Western takes the field on Friday night, the Warriors will be wearing their pink uniforms for a fourth straight year as a part of their Warriors for Warriors campaign.
An idea to help raise cancer awareness and funds for cancer research that was thought up by head coach Mike Zdebski and those around the Western football program, the Warriors have seen their foundation grow into a community wide event every year.

“It started off within the football program,” Zdebski said. “Then it moved on to a couple of other athletic teams and now it’s gone throughout the whole school and it’s moved into the elementary and middle schools as well. So it’s not just a football thing, it’s a complete Walled Lake Western community event and that’s what’s made it the best one on the east side of the state and what it does to generate funding for those misfortunate kids in the situations that they are is a great thing.”

As Warriors for Warriors has grown throughout the football program and the school, it has also grown throughout the Western community and the Warriors have several volunteers who put in time and effort towards the Warriors for Warriors cause on an every year basis.

“It’s the community that’s really embraced it and we have a really great, hard working parent group that works on this year round now,” he said. “They have a host of people who are really involved and really have taken this thing to the level that it is at now.”

The Warriors for Warriors has continued to raise money over the past three years for cancer research and the foundation supports three charities where the money raised is donated to help with funding for research. The Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure, the American Cancer Society and the Lakes Area St. BaldircK’s Foundation are the three charities Warriors for Warriors supports.

Zdebski noted that it’s been a great event to see his team dressed up in pink uniforms and seeing pink shirts being worn throughout the crowd on Friday night, but added that the amount of awareness and funding his team is raising along with the fact that Western honors people and children who are fighting cancer is what really puts the cause over the top in his eyes.

“It’s great that we’re in the pink jerseys and we’re in the pink socks and it’s the thing to do in October and it’s the thing to do to represent this,” he said. “But what’s great about what these kids do is that they’re also raising a huge amount of money, over two-hundred thousand dollars in three years and for our kids and what it means to them, it’s the fact that they get to honor the kids that have been put in a bad situation that are going through things that they’ve never gone through and never experienced in their lives.”

Western will play host to KLAA North Division foe Waterford Mott at 7:00 pm on Friday night.